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C-SPACE Project Final Conference

Conference Prospects and Challenges for European Space Policy
Brussels, September 26th, 2011

Towards a stronger european space identity

By Xavier Pasco, project coordinator, May 21th 2010

Questions & Answers

What do you want to achieve with this project?

C-space is intended to provide European Union decision-makers, institutions and the public with a comprehensive vision of the European Space Policy in order to support its elaboration and implementation and to facilitate its acceptation by the European citizens.

Why is this project important for Europe?

C-Space will allow gathering different perspectives on space often expressed by specific user or professional communities focused on their domains. As a consequence, a comprehensive view is now required to unify these viewpoints and analysis in an organised and readable manner.

How does your work benefit European citizens?

C-Space will put many aspects related to the uses of space by the European citizen at the centre of the European space policy debate. By helping this debate, C-Space will help the European citizen reap direct benefits from the excellence developed in Europe for decades in space.

Space policy represents a unique political value in Europe.Space is full of endless possibilities, both as a strategic asset, a driver for progress in research and development (R&D), and as a means to mitigate the effects of climate change and improve the economy and the security of Europe. The project C-Space (Conditions for Space Policy and related Action Plan Consolidation in Europe) undertakes a comprehensive study in support of the further development of the European Space policy (ESP).

Europeans share a common passion for space. Past European explores went beyond the horizon, not because it was easy, but because it was difficult. Adoptiong their curiosity, the European Union looks to space to further strategic public policies, from Galileo satellite navigation to GMES Earth observation, and space science and exploration.

As a major space power, the EU is devoted to international cooperation to harvest the full potential of the contribution of space to the climate challenge, and future inter-planetary exploration

C-Space supports the vision of a comprehensive European Space Policy (ESP). By means of a multi level policy study, the project is set to further the development and implementation of the ESP. Indeed, its objectives are to define a comprehensive approach towards new milestones for space in Europe. In doing so, the study will adopt a double framework, including both an analysis of the drivers for change within key space sectors in Europe, and a comprehensive space policy vision. Based on a detailed analysis of ongoing space trends in Europe, the study will propose a set of "high level" concepts to be further developed within the ongoing European integration, aiming for the progressive fostering of a growing identity for space in Europe.

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